I enjoy recording sessions. Especially when the recording environment is challenging and I have to figure out how to get the best sound out of that situation. I love to play with sounds and make it sound great as musical composition. I also like live broadcasting and being a sound engineer in musical productions.

Since I was little, I’ve been doing music one way or the other. It has always been a part of me. But I’m also very technical and driven by logic, and that, I think, makes me more sound engineer and less musician.

I have quite many things I am proud of:
BA degree in sound engineering from University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy
Sounditoorium – wich was a huge project.
Viljandi Vibes – Sound Engineer
“Petlik Välimus” – A series for TV3
Larger musical projects: “Desiree”, “Verelegend”, “Libahunt”, “Kullaketrajad”

I have worked with:
Hedvig Hanson, Kaari Sillamaa, Janika Sillamaa, Mart Sander, BFM, Pille Kannimäe, Jaagup Tuisk, Viljandi Vibes (Miljardid, Curly Strings, Silver Sepp, Argo Vals jpt), TÜVKA, TEMUFI, Kuke Jazz (Kristjan Randalu, Andre Maaker)


I begun doing music actively when I was in a boy band “Dreamers”, and we were fairly successful. We performed frequently and even went on tour in Estonia twice. This is how I had my first experience, what it means to be an artist. But first step twards it, I beleive, I had in kindergarden where somebody decided to put me on the stage to perform. It turned out that I enjoy the attention so much that, there, at the age of 2 and a half (after careful consideration of course) I decided to make a career in performing arts.

Producing and sound engineering is a crazy world of consistent discovery. Every project is different from the other and that keeps it very interesting. There are always new techniques to find and it’s crazy what cool sounds you can find when experimenting and playing around.

I have worked with Uku Suviste, Gevin Niglas, Kristina Artjušin, Bianca Rantala, Siim Aimla, Man Made Monkey, Janika and Kaari Sillamaa.
I guess I just like to work on all the genres, but most experience I’ve had in pop, indie and electronic music.

I am here, in Studio89 Because of Franck. He gave me the chance to develop, grow and experiment and to get where I am today. He is that special kind of quality, you can’t really describe.

I am confident in our group and skills – come try us out!


I received my education in University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy. I got to learn Sound Engineering from Janar Paeglis, José Diogo Neves, Christoph Felix Schulz and many others. From them I learned live sound, studio production, and producing.

Since I am musician, I began from producing myself. But soon other people came knocking on the door.

One of the things I like is creating sound scapes or producing huge orchestral soundtracks.

Some of the things I’m proud of:
Fashion Show “OmaMood 2017” (Sound design)
“Tulen Nii, Et Tolmab Tee..” a Short film by Pille Kannimäe (Sound design)
Tanel Tingi mono play “Üksindusse” (Sound design”
Musical “Sofia” (Composer)


When I was little, I was surrounded by musicians. I often went to the concerts where interesting artists performed. I wondered about inspiring feeling that surrounds them ant what it would be like to work with them and witness the creation of music.

Getting BA degree in Sound Engineering and Production in Birmingham City University, UK, was an important milestone in my life.

I wanted to be part of Studio89 because of the warm and musically experienced people. I think there is a lot to learn here and they inspire people to experiment new things. Also the studio is one of the welcoming and cosiest I’ve ever visited.

One awesome project is the one I’m working on at the moment – the Estonian garage rock band: Up The Sky


Web sites, programming, media, facebook ads and deep targeting.
This is the sea I swim in.
What do I have in common with the other guys? Love for good music and an elevated sense of sarcasm.

Creating a presence online, that catches the eye and gains trust, is an interesting subject. Even so in the music business, where clients rarely have anything to go on but their gut feeling, assumptions, and hopefully someone else’s good experience.

I have Master’s degree in Computer Science and I work in Head of E-channels at Baltika Group.
But Studio89 is a pet project of mine. I also took the liberty of designing the logo and came out pretty good (to pat myself on the back).

I have experience with working with some of the biggest local companies out there, such as Telia, SEB, Swedbank and so on. But in the music industry I’ve worked with Kardi Voorand, Virgo Sillamaa, Kaari Sillamaa, Mingo Rajandi, Music Estonia, Avarusmusic.


I’ve grown up in the music business. The blame for that falls to my family who are composers, artists, organisers. I guess you could say that I have good role models in my own family and a drive to belong in the ranks of the people I deeply respect, for the impact they’re making. While I was in University, I found, I have to much heart for music, and I couldn’t break ranks from my family, Even if I tried. So I started my own music recording and production business based in my apartment. After 5 years and a bunch of challenges, Studio89 was born, with its own recording space of 164 square meters – my own personal life achievement. I was helped by an army of people.

I am a producer or musician more than sound engineer. Jazz, large scale Soundtracks, classical rock, and classical music gets me very excited. Zimmer, Williams, Horner are some of the composers I have in my playlists and that says quite a bit about me I guess.

I consider my greatest achievements:
Designing and building what is now Studio89
Musical Soundtracks producer: “Verelegend” “Desireé” “Kullaketrajad” “Sofia” “Salme”
Drama Film “Libahunt” Composer