Our story

There once was a dreamer who started out small, with a few pieces of equipment and living room walls. Heart full of music, he mixed for his friends, his dreams began to grow to benevolent ends. Two years in, a small miracle happened: there was a room for rental, a chance waiting to be grappled. A modest room in a modest building, our sweet first studio was born into living. All seemed well and new friendships were formed, first real bands came to record. 

But 18 months in and fate foresaw, our beloved building deemed to be no more. In weeks we were homeless, distress in the heart, but now there were others believing in our path. They came to our aid, and with fists and with steel, our struggles were not in vain.

Now, here our new Studio89 lies, giving music another home, from one person to five, the benevolence has grown.